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Torch Belly Fat with These Walking Plans

By Nutrition Coach Ben Chee, Ed.D.

Trim up to 2 inches off your waistline!

Ditch the crunches and hit the pavement to flatten that tummy. Research spanning 40 years shows

that walking can effectively reduce belly fat. Just 20 minutes a day of brisk walking can decrease your

waist by about 1 inch in just 4 weeks.

Walking targets stubborn visceral fat first, potentially reducing it significantly as you lose overall body

fat, says Tim Church, a notable researcher. To maximize belly fat burn, vary your walking intensity,

alternating between moderate and vigorous paces to increase the calories you burn during each


Here’s how to get started:

Weekly Walking Plans for a Slimmer Midsection

Choose from three targeted plans to suit your schedule and fitness goals:

Plan 1: Quick Waist Shaper

Walk 20 minutes daily, mixing up the pace, to carve your core with minimal time commitment.

Plan 2: Waistline Reducer

40 minutes of varied-pace walking six times a week will enhance your slimming efforts.

Plan 3: Full-Body Slimdown

An hour of strategic walking, including hills, six days a week for comprehensive toning.

Find Your Pace

Gauge your effort on a 1 to 10 scale, where 1 is easy, and 10 is maximum effort. Adjust your speed to

match your perceived exertion level.

● Warm-up/Cool-down: Effort 2-3 (leisurely chatting pace)

● Brisk: Effort 4-5 (conversational with slight breathlessness)

● Push: Effort 6-7 (able to speak in short phrases)

● Power: Effort 8-9 (intense, minimal speech)

Three Belly-Flattening Walks

Plan 1: Speedy Slimmer

20-minute daily walks, alternating paces to keep the body guessing and the calories burning.

Plan 2: Size-Down Stroll

40-minute walks, six days a week, doubling up on varied-intensity intervals for deeper fat burn.

Plan 3: Ultimate Fat Burn

60 minutes of terrain-challenging walks, incorporating hills to blast calories and build strength.

Each plan is designed to fit into your lifestyle and gradually reshape your body, focusing on losing

belly fat and improving overall health.



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