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By Nutrition Coach Ben Chee, Ed.D.

The image shows a person wearing blue gloves holding a DNA strand.

RNA has seized the spotlight in the past year, overshadowing the long-standing genetic giant, DNA.

While DNA holds our genetic blueprint, RNA proves more dynamic, translating genetic codes into

action through proteins. These proteins are not just biological players; they are essential to our

existence, impacting everything from digestion to disease defense.

Five years ago, Viome emerged, rooted in a vast RNA database. It offers the first and only

consumer-accessible RNA-based health tests, bypassing the need for medical intermediaries.

Viome's mission is clear: to enable personal health sovereignty through the intricate analysis of RNA.

Viome's approach is revolutionary. It rejects the notion of universal dietary truths. Instead, it

personalizes nutrition based on RNA analysis, differentiating beneficial from harmful foods and

supplements on an individual basis. Driven by advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, Viome's

tailored nutritional strategies are challenging the era of generic supplements.

Viome’s research, leveraging the most extensive collection of human clinical samples, is pioneering

new frontiers in health and aging. It has led to breakthroughs like the early detection of oral cancer

through RNA analysis. As Viome continues to decode the complexities of aging and chronic disease,

it strides closer to its ultimate aim: eradicating chronic disease from our lexicon.



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