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About Nutrition Coach Ben

Embark on a unique wellness journey with an exceptional guide whose expertise goes beyond the typical health guru narrative, blending a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and a J.D. degree in Law with real-life experience. This seasoned educator and administrator is ready to lead you through the complexities of nutrition and wellness with humor and wisdom, challenging you to redefine your approach to health. Discover the power of Viome Personal and Precision Nutrition and Supplementation, unlocking a zest for life, significant weight loss, and the age-defying benefits of superfoods.


As a Mindvalley Viome Certified Nutrition Coach, our guide combines the magic of science with motivational coaching to make the intricate world of nutrition as relatable as comfort food. This adventure into wellness is anything but ordinary, promising personalized insights tailored to your unique biological script and a partnership with food and healthy habits directed by cutting-edge science.


This path to vitality, designed for the brave and curious, demands a deep dive into personal health, embracing a journey as individual as your RNA. It's about uncovering what truly works for your body, with precise and personal guidance cutting through the noise of generic health advice. Expect a journey filled with discovery, challenges, and the joy of finding sustainable, vibrant health tailored just for you.


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