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Fiber: The Secret Brain-Booster for the Silver-Haired Crowd

By Nutrition Coach Ben Chee, Ed.D.

A digital illustration showing a human profile with a visible brain, symbolically interconnected with strands of dna, highlighting a concept of genetic influence on brain function.

Picture this: a group of scientists, probably wearing lab coats that haven't seen a washing machine

since the last solar eclipse, discover that your daily dose of fiber is not just a ticket to the porcelain

throne but also a VIP pass to Brainpower Central. That's right, folks, popping a fiber supplement is the

secret handshake into the smarty-pants club for the 60-plus crowd.

Here’s the skinny: They rounded up 36 pairs of twins—because why study one when you can get a

two-for-one deal?—all old enough to have serious opinions about the weather. Each twin got either a

placebo (aka the "Nah, just kidding" pill) or a 7.5-gram fiber bomb. On top of this, they had to pump

some iron and chug down protein shakes like they were back in their frat days, all in the name of


Fast forward 12 weeks, and voilà, the fiber-fueled folks had more good gut bugs than a yogurt

commercial, and their brains were firing on all cylinders. Tests showed they were sharper than a tack,

with the kind of memory and reaction time that would make their grandkids jealous.

So, how does this work? Imagine your gut and brain are on a never-ending Zoom call, passing notes

back and forth. If your gut is all messed up, the notes are gibberish, leading to brain fog. But keep that

gut happy, and it's like your brain's got its cheerleading squad.

The takeaway? Eating like your grandma with all that fiber might make you the wisest owl in the nest,

preventing your brain from turning into a mushy pea. The study's bottom line is that finding out your

favorite party trick could make you smarter—not just the life of the party.

So, if you want to join the ranks of brainy elders, consider turning your nose up at those "too cool for

school" fad diets and cozy up to a big, hearty bowl of...fiber. Being full of it is the smartest thing you

can be. Remember, folks, it's not just about keeping the wheels turning; it's about fueling the whole

car—or, in this case, your gut—to keep that brain engine purring. Cheers to Fiber, the unsung hero of

the senior set!




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