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Secrets to Living Longer

By Nutrition Coach Ben Chee, Ed.D.

Senior woman smiling while following a recipe from a cookbook in a kitchen with fresh ingredients.

Let's buckle up and dive into the laughably obvious secret to not turning into a rusty robot as we age -

living a life worth the calendar count! Let’s unravel the mystery of staying sprightly in a world

obsessed with the latest TikTok dance more than a balanced meal.

The Secret Sauce to Not Just Surviving, But Thriving

So, we’re all on this merry-go-round a bit longer thanks to science and stuff, but let’s face it, accruing

years without joy is like having a smartphone without the internet - pointless. Ben's got us pondering

not just how to keep the heart ticking but how to ensure the tick comes with a tock that’s full of pep.

Life Span vs. Health Span: The Battle of the Ages

Ever noticed how we’re all unique snowflakes with our biochemical snowstorms? Well, it turns out

that living longer is not just a one-size-fits-all pair of stretchy pants. Your DNA’s not the boss of you -

your daily choices are. Ben suggests that tweaking the mundane - from what you munch on to how

often you bust a move - could be the natural elixir of life.

The Six Pillars of Eternal Youth (or Thereabouts)

● Keep Moving or Risk Becoming Part of the Furniture: Your body needs motion not to seize up -

think less couch potato, more dancing queen. Find an activity that makes you happier than a

kid in a candy store, and you’re golden.

● Be a Social Butterfly: Chatting with your mates could keep you kicking longer. Who knew

gossiping over coffee was a life-extending strategy? Keep your squad close - it’s like a health

potion for your soul.

● Eat Real Food, Not Just Food-Like Substances: Munch on greens and all that Mother Nature

pops out of the ground. It’s what keeps those folks in the Blue Zones alive and living. Your gut

microbes will throw a party in your honor.

● Catch Those Z’s: Sleep isn’t just a time machine to breakfast; it’s your body’s maintenance

time. Treat it like the sacred ritual, or you’ll run on empty faster than you can say “snooze


● Stress Less: Being a chill cucumber has its perks. High stress is like pouring soda on your

internal circuits - corrosive. Find your zen, whether that’s through deep breaths, yoga, or

screaming into a pillow. Whatever floats your boat.

● Find Your Why: Your wandering around aimlessly is so last century. Having a purpose is like

having a personal North Star - it keeps you guided, glowing, and going strong.

Adopt These Pillars Like You’re Collecting Infinity Stones

You don’t have to overhaul your life overnight. Start small; maybe just pick a couple of these life

hacks. It’s about customizing this blueprint to fit your unique brand of awesome. Whether it’s by

finding joy in the little things, building a fortress of friends, or treating your body like the temple it is,

it’s all about making the journey as epic as the destination.

Remember, it’s not about adding years to your life, but life to your years. So, let’s make every moment

count with a sprinkle of fun and enthusiasm!


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